Sometimes loss victims turn to the insurance company's adjusters for guidance, but remember, they work for the insurance company not you. Once the preliminaries are over, you are ultimately responsible for measuring your claim. A policy review should take place and a claim preparation strategy formulated. You should know your duties and responsibilities. But the real answer to this question is whether or not you are comfortable negotiating with the insurance company adjuster and do you have the expertise to evaluate the validity of their advice? Do you have the time? Might your time be better used elsewhere? Are you willing to accept the insurance company's work and belief of the claims work as accurate and fair? Remember, the claims adjuster who represents your insurance company is employed by the insurance company and, as in many industries, must constantly prove their worth to the employer. It is common for professionals to disagree on the extent and monies due under a claim. Working for you, HARRIS INSURANCE SERVICES seeks to maximize the claims for your benefit.

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