You can, but there is a great deal of subjectivity in defining the scope of damages. The question in this situation is who is the contractor going to try to keep happy and serve, the insurance company who gives him repeat business and who is responsible for his livelihood or the homeowner for whom he will do one job? While a contractor may be able to estimate the cost to rebuild, there may be many decisions regarding simply repainting repair vs. total replacement that will effect the property claim. Keep in mind that the measurement of the physical damage and the extent to which such should be completely removed and replaced is only one aspect of the claim. Again, you can choose to rely upon the contractor's estimate of the building damage, but remember that the contractor is hired by the insurance company to protect them from over-paying. In order to protect your interests you need an expert who works for you, measuring, calculating and assembling a comprehensive and fully integrated claims package. That is why we only serve you, the home or business owner.

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