It is not uncommon for additional damages to surface months after the disaster. This occurs especially in situations where the claim is being handled by an untrained party. Hidden problems or undiscovered damage is a fact of life in the industry. What first looked like cosmetic damage can often disguise underlying problems that literally don't surface for months. These can amount to large numbers especially where structural damaged is concerned. The result is, what appeared to be a fair settlement from your insurance company is now woefully insufficient to restore the property. Fortunately there is help.

    Generally we can demand that the first file be reopened. However, as always, the burden of proof is with the policy holder to show the damage was a result of the loss. This is a typical case where an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. It is best to have a trained estimator review the damage, preferably one who has experience with your specific type of loss. HARRIS INSURANCE SERVICES has experts of all types. From property damage experts-water, hail, hurricane, etc.-to interruptions-in-business experts, we have the staff to handle any type of claim.

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