The "first phase" of our company is the settlement procedure. This involves the preparation, negotiation and settlement of all claims covered under the policy of insurance. Before accepting any settlements from the insurance company the staff at HARRIS INSURANCE SERVICES review all policies of insurance thereby confirming that all claims have been maximized to the clients benefit. There are in fact numerous clauses contained within a policy of insurance which can either increase or decrease the recoverable amount. Our fee is paid from insurance proceeds and there is no out of pocket expenses.

    The "second phase" of our company is "the restoration process". the repair to the damaged property. Upon a settlement of the building claim our company begins construction immediately. In other words, we do not wait for for the insurance company to issue settlement checks which sometimes can take months from the date of a fire. As always, when HARRIS INSURANCE SERVICES is retained to perform the repairs there is no building adjusting fee and all work is done for the amount agreed upon by the insurance company and the insured. Again, there is no out of pocket expenses.

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